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Training at FHE

Our trainers work with horses at various stages of their careers to ready them for riders, learn new and/or advance their skills in specific disciplines or correct problem behaviors. Each horse has its own personality and our training staff are experienced in analyzing each horse and developing a specific program to assist its owner in reaching their goals.  

Training services at FHE are determined by the individual needs of each horse and the needs of their rider and may include (but are not limited to) a focus on ground work, de-sensitizing, behavioral correction, adapting to gear, acclimating and conditioning to riding on various terrains and performing specific skills or exercises associated with both Western and Classic Dressage disciplines, as well as Show Jumping and Three-day Eventing.


Training sessions start at $45 per hour.


Customized training packages are also available and provide substantial savings with a multi-session agreement.

Monthly Training Packages:

Conditioning -  Includes 2 sessions per week ~ $345

Performance - Includes 4 sessions per week - $650

Comprehensive - Include 5 sessions per week ~ $800

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