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Covid Precautions for your Lesson at FHE

With lessons starting on a restricted access basis, we ask for your cooperation with the below guidelines to help keep everyone safe and healthy during their time here at the barn.

 To limit the number of people on site at the same time, we prefer you minimize family members watching lessons. That said, we do understand having an out-of-town family member come to watch a lesson. If you are going to have more than two people watching, please let us know in advance, so we can accommodate the larger group.

 We ask that parents wait in the car while students are preparing for the lesson. If the student is 6 years old and under, parents can be closer to the tacking area, but not in tack rooms.

 Students are now able to tack up

and untack on their own, but not get

horses from their stall or field,

for the time being. An employee will

bring the horse to the tacking area

for the student to

groom and tack.

 All students and parents are encouraged to use the restroom at home and not to use the Future Hope bathroom, but it is available if necessary. We ask that if you do use the restroom here, please disinfect all contacted surfaces with the disinfectant wipes that are provided.

 While the deck in between the arenas is reserved for instructors and boarders only, additional seating is available at all arenas. It’s recommended to disinfect the seating area before and after use, or you are welcome to bring your own chairs. If you use the umbrella please put it back down before you leave, and if it gets windy. Parents are welcome to stay in the car if you want to be on site but, with more students coming in, we are not able to accommodate driving to the arena any longer.

 We ask that parents and spectators walk past the jump arena and down by the pastures on the way to the arenas, and not down the alley way between the stalls. Please, no touching horses or gates on the way.

 While we are very excited to welcome you back, we ask that students and parents leave immediately following the end of the lesson.

We sincerely hope that by following these guidelines we will be able to start to get back to a new normal sooner rather than later!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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