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"Future Hope Equestrian is a refreshing escape from the over stimulated, technology based modern world we live in – where the focus is connection. Connection between horses and humans, as well as each other."

Future Hope Equestrian was founded by Ann Riehl Smith and is a culmination of her lifelong passion for horses and sharing their impact with anyone and everyone who wants to learn. With Future Hope Equestrian, Ann realized her dream of an equine facility in which anyone who wanted to learn to ride or just be around horses, could.  

Beginning in 2010 and continuing today, Ann plays a vital role in the development, implementation and continuation of the equestrian program at Rainbow Acres, an assisted living facility for disabled adults. Through this program and others, FHE continues to work closely with social workers and various community programs to provide equine therapy, social and job skills to special needs adults, and at-risk children and teens.

Regardless of their age, ability or economic status, EVERYONE is welcome at FHE.

We proudly offer a work exchange program to individuals of limited means allowing them to trade hours of work at the facility, for riding lessons at each skill level. 


We look forward to welcoming boarders, riders and horse enthusiasts to  enjoy the family atmosphere and camaraderie of the FHE staff and clients.

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